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Certified Dance Teachers

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There is a need for a system of testing Dance Studio Owners, and Dance Instructors to assure a level of basic competence and standards compliance.

This doesn't need to be difficult, expensive or time consuming. We are offering an online multiple choice and essay exam for dance teachers and dance studio owners.

Our exam is based on common sense, an understanding of mature responsible dance instruction and basic ballet vocabulary. Anyone who has at least one year of teaching experience or 1 year of college dance training and is at least 18 years old is elligible to take our online test. Most of the questions are multiple choice.

Here are a few sample essay questions and impressive responses from
our Certified Dance Teachers:

Question #32:
Instructors should strive to develop a consistent teaching syllabus for each level of instruction and each technique......
"Having a consistent teaching syllabus for each level of instruction in incredibly helpful in managing the classroom and developing each level in progressions. When I teach a beginner class, I want my lesson plans to flow into the needs of the next level I hope to take my students to. If I have a consistent syllabus, then I also have a consistent measurement of how well the students are progressing. A syllabus can be altered if needed to improve teaching technique within the goals of the progressions."
-Tammy Toma, Hawaii, USA

Question #50:
Teaching dance classes should be a learning experience for both the students and the instructors...

"Teaching is always a learning experience because you have to learn how to do everything. It is a strange process going from being a dancer to being a dance teacher, but it is such a rewarding and a fun experience being their mentor and watching that light bulb go off in their head when a move or combination clicks for them, and just watching them grow as dancers and knowing that you helped them achieve that."
Lindsay Gray, Texas, USA

Question #54:
Please briefly state why you enjoy teaching dance...and why you think dance training is beneficial for children and adults.
"I love to teach dance! I love the fact that I'm helping students become the dancer they are today and are going to be in the future! Dance training is really beneficial for children and adults because you can gain confidence getting up on stage and showing everyone you have that confidence."
- Olivia Thompson, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I have been dancing since I was three years old and I have loved every minute of it! I loved all of my teachers, and I wanted to share my knowledge with others. Dance teaches more than just steps. It teaches self-esteem, self-confidence, determination, hard work and dedication. The things I learned in dance as a child helped me to grow into the adult I am today."
-Allison Kofke, Pennsylvania, USA

For more information, please submit your studio information
using the white link at the top of this page. Instructors can also request information via this link.

Or, contact us at: 1-888-771-1727
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New Certified Dance Teachers, August, 2010
Julie Brooks: Tennessee, USA
Gina Campione-Robel: New Jersey, USA
Erica Hayward: Louisiana, USA
Lindsay Gray: Texas, USA
Allison Kofke: Pennsylvania, USA
Heidi Mangels: New York State, USA
Kimberly Munn: Iowa, USA
Erica Oliveira: New Jersey, USA
Jasmine Slater: Florida, USA
Tammy Toma: Hawaii, USA
Deborah Turner-Anderson: Weymouth, Nova Scotia
Olivia Thompson: Nova Scotia, Canada

New Certified Dance Teachers, July, 2010
Ane Carmona Ancin: Guipuzcoa, Spain
Keva Unique Corbett: North Carolina, USA
Sharon Jackson: Texas, USA
Kathryn Benacquisto LaPorte: Michigan, USA
Stefanie Maione: Connecticut, USA
Jenna L. Martire: Connecticut, USA
Dina Canepa: New York, New York USA
Joni Walston: Iowa, USA

Certified Dance Teachers:
Ariel Adams: Louisiana, USA
Isabelle Adoue-Attya: United Arab Emirates
Corinne Argenziano: New Jersey, USA
Jennifer Baxley: Texas, USA
Kaleigh Bright: Texas, USA
Meranda Brooks: Florida, USA
Kerry Brown: Victoria, Canada
Alexandra Cawthorne: Florida, USA
Shannon Cribbs: Florida, USA
Patricia Del Gardo: Connecticut, USA
Christina D'Imperio: Ohio, USA
Treisha Dinsdale: Colima, Mexico
Natalia Formisano: Illinois, USA
Jamie Geibel: Pennsylvania, USA
Lily Hachar: Texas, USA
Janice Hemmings: Ontario, Canada
Tessa Haynie: Virginia, USA
Alicia James: Arizona, USA
Gretchen Jones: Louisiana, USA
Kristen Koenig: Ohio, USA
Daneen Klauba: Illinois, USA
Alicia Merryman-Lax: Tennessee, USA
Danika Miles: Tennessee, USA
Guinevere Moran: Washington State, USA
Rosemarie Paniccia: Connecticut, USA
Sabrinia Patterson: Nova Scotia
Kayla Schaefer: Florida, USA
Selene Stafford: North Carolina, USA
Cassandra Shupe: Ohio, USA
Lynn Comotti Smith: North Carolina, USA
Isadora Snapp: Vermont, USA
Stephanie Summer: Alabama, USA
Donna Rae Vermette: Vermont, USA
Dusty Welch: Florida, USA
Karen Williams: Maryland, USA
Regina Williams: Platinum Level: Texas, USA

Colleges and Universities:
Ohio University: Athens, Ohio
Dance Major
University of Illinois: Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Dance Major, MFA available
Slippery Rock University: Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
Dance Major, Dance Minor
Temple University: Philadelphia, Pa.
Dance Major, MA available

Dance Colleges and Universities:

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Dance Scholarships: Many colleges and universities offer dance scholarship and fellowship programs.

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What are your teaching credentials? Do parents often ask you this question? Enhance your credibility by taking our online test. Get Certified Now!

When you pass our test and pay your initiation fee, we will send you a Certification Certificate from Dance & Gym USA. (limitations apply). Our easy test for dance instructors is based on ballet terminology and your ability to write a meaninful mission statement and brief teaching philosophy essay. You must also be willing to supply your customers with your background clearances...although we don't ask you to provide proof of them for our purposes. Our Certification means you are recognized by Dance & Gym USA.


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